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About Us

We do not Protect what we do not LOVE
We do not Love what we do not KNOW
We do not Know what we cannot SEE

Make a Difference, Get Involved
Our first passion is diving, and has been for decades. The Oceans are jeopardized like never before. While everybody talks about "giving back," few of us know HOW to do that effectively. Reef Check does not simply want your donation -- they need divers to get personally involved in worthwhile projects.

Who's Behind the Mask
Jon Kranhouse
Inventor and President

Terri MacKay
Executive VP -- Sales

Shariq Shaikh
Operations Manager

Richard Klain
VP -- Marketing

Optical Research Associates
Dr. John Rogers led 3 ORA engineers, who analyzed hundreds of lens shapes and polymer and glass types to perfect what will be a broad range of masks to satisfy every vision need. With 300+ years of combined experience, shared by 45 optical and computer scientists, ORA and the ORA software were key contributors in fixing the once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope.

Hollywood's Optical Genius
Iain A. Neil has won 9 Scientific & Technical Academy® Awards for optical design, including the legendary Panavision® Primo lenses, and he optimized Jim Cameron's Titanic expedition optics. His company, SCOTOPTIX, jump-started our design program and consults during fabrication.

Pioneering Eye Doctor
To deliver a world class product, we sought the approval of Dr. William Fein, M.D., a diver with over 30 years experience. Dr. Fein has pioneered and helped win FDA approval for revolutionary laser eye surgery techniques. In addition to his own practice, he teaches Ophthalmology at USC.

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