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Jon Kranhouse

Terri MacKay
Executive VP -- Sales
Jon & Terri are all smiles after a day free-diving with sea lions at the Los Islotes rookery, near La Paz, Baja California.

Jon Kranhouse, Inventor and President: Jon spent years as an award winning Hollywood cinematographer, having shot over 20 million feet of 35 mm film for Movies, TV dramas and thousands of commercials -- all above water. Jon is also an international authority on aerial photography; besides aerial sequences in Hollywood movies, Boeing, British Aerospace, Evergreen, Gulfstream and NASA have relied on Jon for promotional and engineering flight test films. He has been diving since 1973, mostly solo spearfishing, and never wanted to spoil his passion for nature by mixing in Hollywood. Knowing optics, he believed that underwater vision could be vastly improved, so he gave it a shot. His early prototypes in 1991 were such a hit, Jon contracted the optical engineers who fixed NASA’s once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope, and the designer of Panavision's award-winning motion picture lenses, to perfect designs for what will become a broad line of products.

Terri MacKay, Executive VP -- Sales: Since 1982 Terri produced and directed award-winning documentaries and corporate-image films and videos for the largest companies in the Northwest (e.g. Boeing, Caterpillar, Microsoft and Weyerhaeuser).  She relocated to Los Angeles in 1995 to further film production opportunities, and now freelances on Hollywood studio publicity "junkets," having produced and shot thousands of premiers and celebrity interviews worldwide. Terri has built the DEC-Pro Network by having telephone conversations with more than 500 participating eye doctors during the last 18 months. Her knack for producing powerful marketing material runs in the family; her ad-exec father was the Marine journalist (Lieutenant) tasked with getting the second (famous) flag raised and photographed on Iwo Jima during WW2. Terri started diving in the Pacific Northwest in 1971 while doing a news story about handicapped scuba divers.

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