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National Geographic ADVENTURE picks
HydroOptix Double-Dome™ Mask -- Culver City, California (June, 2005). When the editors of National Geographic ADVENTURE magazine wanted to write about the best of what’s new in diving for their May issue, they carefully researched what people were saying in Internet scuba forums around the world. HydroOptix divers enjoy a distortion-free view that is almost 5 times greater than the tunnel-vision seen through flat masks. Based upon independent validation and not payola, the only mask they selected -- even mentioned on the cover -- was the HydroOptix MEGA 4.5DD (Double-Dome). Greatly increasing situational awareness makes diving safer and more fun.

"A full-page photo in such a widely distributed magazine certainly helps sales. More importantly, the acknowledgement from so many respected divers from 75 countries is very gratifying," says Jon Kranhouse, inventor of the Double-Dome mask, founder of HydroOptix and an award-winning Hollywood cinematographer. Engineers sought by NASA to fix the once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope were hired by Kranhouse to perfect the technology behind Double-Dome masks.

New Rx Conversion Chart
Over 1,000 eye doctors around the world endorse the paradigm of 20/20 divers wearing contact lenses to dive with HydroOptix Double-Dome masks. In addition to the many nearsighted divers who are a Naked-Eye Match, anyone else with a current Contact Lens Rx needs just 60-seconds to pick their Diving Rx, without a new eye exam. "Our new Rx Conversion Chart makes it simple to know which disposable contact lens to wear. Once doubtful scuba professionals are now true believers and among our strongest advocates (see website for testimonials). Hundreds of Dive Pros have now completed our online training program and become HydroOptix VisTAs (Vision Trained and Authorized). The majority of Chinese and Japanese divers are naturally nearsighted; 35% can wear our Double-Dome mask with their naked eye, so sales are growing fast in Asia," says Terri MacKay, Exec-VP.

Magic Bifocal phenomenon motivates 500 20/20 divers to wear contacts.
These "visionary" divers represent 10% of the Double-Dome™ divers. "Divers from age 40 to their mid-70's really appreciate the ‘Magic Bifocal’ DD phenomenon. After doing their own A-to-B comparison, many divers with perfect vision have decided that Double-Dome vision is worth the hassle of becoming temporarily nearsighted by wearing disposable contacts. Even after LASIK made them 20/20, Instructor Trainers, Instructors and Divers have gone back to wearing contacts, much to their chagrin, because they love the Double-Dome view," says Kranhouse.

"When divers do their own A-to-B comparison, most say 'WOW!' A-to-B tests should be done in a swimming pool, where fixed reference points make the Double-Dome advantage dramatic and easy to understand. Stores without pools are successful with demo days: they invite dive clubs to their training pools. We launched the company with the 4.5DD because it achieves the most dramatic improvement in underwater vision in history; future products will have other patented features, but none will surpass the 4.5 for quality of vision," says MacKay.


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