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MEGA 4.5DD mask ( See all 8 colors )

MEGA 4.5DD mask -- Includes:
• Custom Fitted Case
• Sea-Gold™ Anti-Fog Gel
• Fitted Lens Protector + Neoprene Mask Strap

For surface-vision when wearing the mask:
• Monocle with wrist lanyard
• CoverLens™ with Stowing-Plate and Retractor
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Optional accessory for divers who wear contact lenses to match their vision to the MEGA 4.5DD mask.*

Underwater Kinetics dry box
• Two shatterproof mirrors (5X magnifying mirror & 1X mirror)
• Eyeglasses -- choice of six colors
• Clip-on UVA / UVA blocking Polarized sunglasses
• Neoprene sports retainer (Croakie style)
• Clamshell eyeglass case

• Generic Rx for 20/20 with average PD; -4.5 or -3.0
• Custom Single-Vision Rx; for non-average PD; for all
••non 20/20 divers
• Custom Bi-focal Rx



4.5DD Replacement Items
(included with all masks when new)

MEGA Rx-1 -- Flat Rx Mask

• CUSTOM Rx masks possible in 72 hours -- rush fees apply
• Your EXACT prescription hand-crafted from a slab of optical polymer or glass -- Varies with your eyes
• Color-correcting lenses at no additional cost
( pink or yellow )
• 100% made in USA
Free Ground shipping in USA, if bought from HydroOptix
Rx-1 Single Vision your exact PD with astigmatism correction, if any
Bifocal Prescription --- $227.00
Hi-Index Material
For an Rx that has a combined Sphere / Cylinder diopter = 8.5 or more $25 more
per lens
Purge Valve -- optional Face skirt with purge valve in bottom of nose pocket $ 10.00
Logo Caps Seven Colors $ 16.00
*Cost of eye exam and contact lens fitting is additional, and varies with Eye Care Professional and your medical insurance. To preserve your healthy vision, medical organizations recommend that you have an eye exam at least once every two years.

Pricing outside the U.S.varies.

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