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Curing Tunnel Vision Makes Diving Safer
and More Fun

When you cannot see in,
the diver cannot see out

This diver could not see the photographer take the picture because of "Total Internal Reflection"
Traditional flat dive masks trick your brain with a powerful optical illusion. Underwater refraction makes you believe that your field-of-view is much greater than it really is. Physiological feedback confirms that your eyes scan far left, right, up, and down. But if you reach out your arms to match your eyeballs' pointing angle...  you cannot see your arms! Only when your arms arc inward, closer to the axis where your nose points, can you see your arms.

50% of recreational dive fatalities are prefaced by underwater buddy separation. Usually, the surviving buddy never saw the victim until after the accident (per reports from NUADC and DAN, 1970 to 2006). When it is easier to see and be seen, these statistics will improve (e.g. you are not allowed to drive a car with narrow vision).

Looking through a Double-Dome mask does NOT feel special

Natural panoramic vision is something
we have learned to expect from the day
we were born. So when divers experience
Double-Dome vision -- with no immediate
baseline comparison -- they are not

But when divers do an A-to-B comparison (Flat vs. Double-Dome) with their body in a fixed position, looking at fixed reference points, even divers with decades of experience are surprised to realize that over 75% of their natural view is blocked.

We do not Protect what we do not LOVE
We do not Love what we do not KNOW
We do not Know what we cannot SEE

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