Every flat dive mask causes tunnel vision! Revolutionary Double-Dome MEGA scuba masks from HydroOptix expand your underwater field-of-view almost 5X vs. traditional flat diving masks. Our diving masks give you a panoramic view 170-degrees wide. But flat scuba masks deliver just 71-degrees. Our prescription dive mask optics were perfected by the engineers NASA hired to fix the once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope. Scuba masks and prescription diving masks from HydroOptix make diving safer and more fun.

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Discover What You Have Been Missing!

Flat Dive Masks Block over 75% of Your Vision
Flat diving masks continue a quaint 70-year-old tradition that is overdue for change. Glaucoma patients on full disability have better in-air vision than what divers experience underwater with flat diving masks.

See almost 5X More Vs. Flat Diving Masks
HydroOptix has developed the world's first dive masks that deliver a razor sharp natural panoramic field-of-view. Now experience the full impact of our water planet.

Benefits of Double-Dome Masks
  • Conquer tunnel vision with superior situational awareness
  • Eliminate all refraction distortions
  • See objects in true size
  • Accurately judge distance and speed
  • Improved eye-hand coordination
  • Maximize diver safety and enjoyment

See what you
are missing


Our Pedigree
HydroOptix dive masks are engineered by the same optical and computer gurus who were key to fixing NASA's once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope and won nine technical OscarsĀ® for Hollywood's Panavision lenses.

Expand your Situational Awareness to improve:
  • Buddy safety
  • Navigation
  • Buoyancy control

50% of recreational dive fatalities are prefaced by underwater buddy separation. Usually, the surviving buddy never saw the victim until after the accident (per reports from NUADC and DAN, 1970 to 2006). When it is easier to see and be seen, these statistics will improve (e.g. you are not allowed to drive a car with narrow vision).


Double-Dome Vision Improves Your Underwater Performance
Flat masks cripple your eye-hand coordination and situational awareness by blocking so much of your natural field-of-view. Even highly trained divers with years of experience find task performance greatly improved when their TRUE-view is restored by our Double-Dome dive masks. Conventional flat scuba masks also cause edge blurring and shape distortions.

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