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New Mask - mid-2010

170o Double-DomeTM View

Hybrid Lens
  • See objects at their true size and distance
  • Know exactly where you are in your environment
  • See approximately 5X more than traditional flat masks
  • Combines the Double-DomeTM advantages with a flat mask
  • The only flat mask that gives you a unified 170o field of view
Magic Bifocal Effect True Peripheral View (Curved Area)
  • Corrects for Bi-Focal presciptions & Reading prescriptions up to +2.00 diopters
  • Know where you are in your environment
  • See objects at their True Size & Distance
No Contact Lens Required for: Central Flat View
  • 50% of 20/20 Divers in their mid-20's
  • 85% of mildly myopic Divers
  • Flat Area Rivals Best Panoramic Flat Mask
  • Custom Rx available, bonded on

Shared Features

High grade silicone skirt
Never yellows like clear silicone skirts

Snap-Fit Design
Interchangeable Zero-d & 3.5DD lens

Twin Turbo Purge Valves
Head-down cleaning
Bubble free field-of-view
Easy Maintenance (screws on / off)
Coated Lens
Prevents fogging

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