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MEGA® 4.5DD CoverLensfor sharp Above-Water Vision

The CoverLens is included with all 4.5DD masks to give you in-focus vision above water. Remember, the twin domes of the MEGA 4.5 have zero optical power when above water; your nearsighted vision needs assistance to see far away.

Above water the CoverLens corrects for your nearsighted vision by holding minus-power eyeglass lenses on the outside the Double-Dome mask; distant objects are now in focus.
Below water the optical power of the CoverLens virtually disappears when water covers both the front and back surfaces, because the refractive index of water and the CoverLens closely match each other. At the same instant water neutralizes the CoverLens, the Double-Domes shape water into minus-power lenses that your nearsighted eyes require.

Using the CoverLens (VIDEO)
  1. Prior to diving secure the provided Stowing-Plate to your buoyancy control device (BCD).
  2. While gearing up, latch the CoverLens onto the MEGA 4.5DD mask. Before entering the water, clip the retractor cable to the CoverLens.
  3. Make your water entry, and keep the CoverLens attached to the MEGA 4.5DD mask as you descend. Water completely neutralizes the optical power of the CoverLens, but you remain ready for clear above-water vision if you must abort your descent.
  4. When you have finished your descent, a simple three-finger “chop-stick” grip of your right hand unclips the CoverLens. Without changing your grip, just pivot your wrist and latch the CoverLens onto the Stowing-Plate.
  5. Enjoy an amazing dive!
  6. While still underwater at your safety stop, remove the CoverLens from the Stowing-Plate. Without changing your grip, hook it to the top of the MEGA 4.5DD mask. Then arc down the CoverLens to engage the nose clip. When you break the surface you will have clear vision.
  7. Return to your boat or the shore and tell those flat mask divers what they just missed! (See Who's Talking)
The CoverLens comes in standard -4.5 diopter power; custom single-vision Rx lenses are available.
Custom Rx:
Underwater, the geometry of the Double-Dome mask corrects perfectly for a very broad Rx range of nearsighted divers, and also corrects a broad range of
astigmatism and presbyopia. Older divers appreciate the "magic bifocal" effect. For some divers, the CoverLens' standard Rx (-4.5 diopter) will be a little too strong or too weak. If not a perfect match to your vision, remember that you only wear the CoverLens for a few minutes, while you get in and out of the water. Most divers are content if the CoverLens is not an exact Rx match -- custom CoverLens Rx is available for a slight additional cost.  

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