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Two Skirts for MEGA 4.5DD Mask
(At this time the skirts on 4.5DD masks are not interchangeable.)

S1 Skirt: Shorter seal under the nose. GOOD FOR:
• Diver with thick moustaches -- fits above your moustache hair
• "Shorter" faces -- distance between upper lip and forehead -- kids and smaller females

S3 Skirt: Unique Flex-Curves fit many faces. Better contact on your upper lip GOOD FOR:
• Medium-to-larger faces
• Good on average moustache hair
• Prominent nose bridge (think Jacques Cousteau)
• Asian faces (flatter upper lip area)

We use opaque skirts to prevent internal reflection. Clear skirts will always yellow.

Skirt Color affects fit:

Silver: Tiny aluminum flakes are added to create the silver color. The silver skirt holds its shape with a little more authority vs. black silicone. Do you have deep laugh lines angling on either side of your nose? If so, you'll achieve a better seal with the silver skirt.

Black: The black skirt is slightly softer and more flexible vs. silver silicone. But softer doesn't always mean more comfortable. If you have deep laugh lines you may get a better seal with the silver skirt.

Strap tension:
If you over-tighten your mask strap, you usually increase the chance of leakage. Yes, this is counter-intuitive: face skirts, especially black skirts, deform under excess mechanical stress.


Difficult-to-Fit Face / Facial Hair:
For decades, specialty masks have usually been available with just a single face-skirt choice (think Oceanic HUD, AGA full-face mask). To achieve a better seal, some divers use ChapStick (a trick since at least the 1970's). A superior update to this old tradition is Scuba Mask Seal. A thin layer of this high-viscosity hypoallergenic silicone gel, just in "problem" spots, usually stops leaks caused by a difficult-to-fit face or a mustache / beard. Unlike most greases or waxes, Silicone Mask Seal will not deteriorate the mask skirt materials.

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