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Flat Dive Masks Block 75% of Your View.
The world's only Double-Dome™ dive mask conquers tunnel vision
Dive smart -- dive safe -- see almost 5X more!

Scuba Mask
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All MEGA dive masks come with:

Maximize your precious time underwater!

You plan your dives weeks in advance, but after hours of gear prep your actual time underwater ends quickly. For the first time in history, divers can now enjoy 100% natural vision while underwater. Even divers with decades of experience are amazed when they try their own A-to-B comparison with our patented Double-Dome mask and see how much they have been missing. Keeping track of your buddy and navigating is much easier when you have superior situational awareness. Diving is 5X more fun!

A radical solution for superior vision. The HydroOptix MEGA 4.5 DD is the world's only mask that puts your eyes at the center of a dome. This geometry lets you see objects at their TRUE size, distance and shape. However, the concave shape of water creates a secondary optical phenomenon: you must be nearsighted to use the mask.

Many naturally nearsighted divers can use the mask with just their naked eyes (see this guide). The view is so astonishing that hundreds of 20/20 divers (called 1.0 in Japan) have learned to wear contact lenses. They become temporarily nearsighted just to use the mask, and tell us that wearing contacts is worth the hassle, because of the vast improvement in vision.  Low-cost disposable contacts are now part of their standard dive gear. Yes, if you are 20/20, this probably sounds ridiculous. But once you try it, you may decide that your valuable time underwater deserves a razor-sharp view almost 5X greater than anything else. Both new divers and Instructor-Trainers are wearing contacts again, years after successful LASIK made them 20/20.

See the 4.5 Guide for your vision needs.

Worldwide, 75-million people already wear contact lenses. The latest disposable soft contacts are so comfortable that most people cannot feel when the lenses are in. 15% of divers already wear contacts for their above-water vision correction.

Automatic reading glasses / bifocals and astigmatism correction

      • And a view almost 5X greater than flat masks…
      • And seeing TRUE size, distance and shape…
      • And a razor sharp view everywhere you look…
        -----Our Optics Are Superior

Twin-Turbo Purge Valves are patented and found exclusively on HydroOptix Double-Dome diving masks. They exhaust bubbles to the rear, using large-diameter flapper valves (snorkel sized) to ensure rapid clearing of water. You've never cleared water from a dive mask faster and more completely. Play Video.

Note: One size does not fit all. Choose between our S-1 and S-3 face skirts.

At the factory, a Hard Coat finish is applied on the outside of this lens, and a NanoFOG coat is applied to the inside. The lens is then baked, to permanently bond the coatings to the polycarbonate lens, making the lens more resistant to scratching and fogging. When moisture builds up inside the lens, the NanoFOG coating absorbs the moisture, thus preventing fog formation. More Info.

The DEC-Pro Network™ (Diving Eye Care) was built by HydroOptix to ensure a great user-experience. Over 1,000 Eye Doctors have become DEC-Pros; they share our passion to cure underwater tunnel-vision. Many are avid divers themselves. If you want to consult with your own Eye Care Professional that's O.K. Here's a fitting guide to show your eye care professional.

A HydroOptix VisTA™ (Vision Trained & Authorized) is a Scuba Professional who has completed our Internet-based training program. We partner VisTAs with nearby DEC-Pros worldwide. Find DEC-Pros and VisTAs near you.

These experts know that
seeing is believing!

Are you 20/20 (1.0 in Japan) and think it's crazy to wear contacts?
Then check this out.

The CoverLens gives in-focus vision when above-water and is included with your 4.5DD mask. More info.

If you need to wear contact lenses to use the MEGA 4.5DD, you might want optional Surface-Interval Eyewear between dives (only required if contact Rx is strong).

The patented Double-Dome geometry expands your underwater field-of-view by placing each eye in the center of a dome. Our How it Works animation makes the optics easy to understand. The air-water interface, shaped by the Double-Dome lens, makes the water itself into a lens. Unlike above-water corrective lenses the "water lens" corrects for a remarkable broad range of Nearsighted divers.

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