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1. You have perfect vision 20/20 (1.0 in Japan): you must wear contact lenses to dive with a Double-Dome mask, per this chart. Otherwise, images will be fuzzy and you might feel eyestrain. Check this out if you think it is crazy to wear contacts. Hundreds are doing so, in 75 countries. Years after successful LASIK surgery made them 20/20, both new divers and Instructor-Trainers choose to wear contacts again! Older divers enjoy the "magic bifocal" benefit of dome optics.

2. Nearsighted: Many are Naked-Eye-Matches (do not wear contact lenses with the mask). Double-Dome optics work better than above-water glasses or contacts, because the mask’s Rx correction automatically changes with distance. This makes it easier to focus on close objects. Older divers enjoy the "magic bifocal" benefit of dome optics.

• Under 30-years -2.5 to -6.0 diopter = naked eye user
• Mid-30's -3.5 to -6.0 diopter = naked-eye user
• 40+ -4.0 to -6.0 diopter = naked eye user

3. Not a naked eye match, but you already wear contacts: disposable contacts adjust your vision to the MEGA Double-Domes. NO new eye exam is required if your contact prescription is recent. Just change the optical power, per this chart.

4. Older divers: the "magic bifocal" benefit of dome optics lets your eyes focus like when you were 25 years old.

5. Astigmatism: Just as eye doctors can create a "sphere-equivalent" prescription for mild astigmatism, our Double-Dome optics work the same way. Our conversion chart shows if contacts are necessary, and if so, what power to wear (see the bottom left blue box on the chart).

6. Cannot wear contacts and not a naked-eye match: we have the world’s best flat prescription mask.

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