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Finding Your Dominant Eye

Your dominant eye is often, but not always, on the same side as the “master” hand.
You will usually unconsciously choose your dominant eye when looking through a telescope or camera viewfinder, or aiming a rifle.

Simple test:

1. Find a small fixed object between 10 and 30 feet away, like a light switch or wall clock.

2. Keep both eyes open.

3. Fully extend one arm and make a "thumbs-up" to block your view of the object.

4. Do not focus on your thumb; hold focus on the distant object (even though your thumb hides the object).

5. NOTE: You will see a "ghost" of the object behind your thumb, because your non-dominant eye is "peaking around" your thumb.

6. Your brain emphasizes your thumb, not the ghost of the distant object, because your dominant eye sees just your thumb.

7. Alternately close one eye, then your other.

8. When you close your non-dominant eye, your thumb stays in position, covering the object, because your dominant eye is now 100% of your vision.

9. When you close your dominant eye -- your thumb appears to "jump" sideways, uncovering the object, because your non-dominant eye is now 100% of your vision.

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