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The World's Best FLAT Prescription (Rx) Mask

What if you are not a naked-eye match for a Double-Dome mask, and you cannot wear contact lenses for medical reasons? But you still want the very best in underwater vision.

HydroOptix's proprietary technology lets you enjoy the best possible vision through a flat-front lens.

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  • Your EXACT prescription
    Pupiliary Distance (PD), Astigmatism Correction, Prism, etc.
  • Bifocal prescriptions available
  • Super-comfortable silicone face-skirt
  • Wide choice of frame colors and purge valve option
  • Color-correcting lenses at no additional cost (pink / yellow) for mild prescriptions
  • 100% made in USA

  Built to last
Every component on the HydroOptix MEGA Rx-1 mask is available for replacement. This protects your investment for many years with a well-proven design. (Few other companies make parts available.)

It's fast & easy to swap lenses, or replace a damaged face-skirt.

Single Vision (including astigmatism)
Bifocal Rx for NEARsighted (-Sph)

Bifocal Rx for FARsighted (+Sph)
( Allow 4 - 5 additional days )

Hi-Index Lens Material (Per Pair)
(Required if combined Sphere + Cylinder is stronger than
- 6 or stronger than + 2.75)
Purge valve in nose of skirt

BIFOCAL method depends upon your RX





Mask Includes:

• Premium anti-fog gel
• Protective case
• 2 straps (warm + cold water)
     neoprene comfort strap
     silicone strap
Farsighted divers: If your Sphere is greater than +2.00,
we recommend our insert "lens carrier."

Single Vision (including astigmatism)............
With Bifocal Prescription..............................



Time Required
Normal turnaround is 7 - 10 working days
Rush fee (3 - 4 working days + shipping).. $ 35

Diving mask shipping charges

(Orders must include at least one mask )
How to send us your Vision Rx:
Before making your lenses we may need to talk to your Eye Doctors if we have questions; be sure to give us his or her name + phone number in the "Comment Box" in the checkout section (last page of checkout process).

Enter vision prescription for consultation
A. Please be sure that you can read your doctor's handwriting!      
B. Please be very careful to note Positive and Negative numbers.      
C. We cannot give refunds for your mistakes!

Please Note : Before we can make your lenses you Must Fax or Email a scan of your actual prescription ( include PD, Pupiliary Distance), for verification.
• Fax to:
Email us a scan of your Rx (please note that the attachment size limit is 200Kb)
Your PD (Pupillary Distance) information:
Some prescriptions do not include your PD but we MUST have this data (distance between your eyes)! Most Ophthalmologists (M.D.s) do not measure your PD. They leave this to your Optician (Lens maker). So, ask your Optician for the PD used for your eyeglasses.

Questions? Please call +1 310-230-3377 option 1.

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