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Your PD (Pupillary Distance),
sometimes called OC (Optical Center)
is measured in mm

To measure your own PD:

Look into a mirror. The numbers will appear backwards!

1. Hold the mm ruler on the bridge of your nose for stability. Pretend you can look through the mirror (X-ray vision) to see the horizon far away. This keeps your eyes from rotating in toward your nose.

2. Point your face [nose] straight into a mirror.
--- CLOSE your left eye to avoid parallax error. ---

3. Align the ruler's zero to the center of your right pupil. The pupil is the black spot in the middle of the eye.

4. Without moving the ruler, close your right eye and open your left eye.

5. Read the millimeter line under your left pupil (careful -- backwards in mirror!).
--- Keep you face "square" to the mirror to avoid parallax error. ---

6. Repeat two or three times to confirm accuracy.

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