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HydroOptix Diving Masks

Our Double-Double dive masks' patented optics provide razor-sharp Panoramic Views, 350% greater than conventional flat dive masks, completely free of distortions, no matter where you look. HydroOptix Double-Dome scuba masks give divers superior situational awareness and eye-hand coordination -- your time underwater becomes safer, more productive and enjoyable.

NanoFOG™ coating ensures fog-free dives. The Double-Dome lenses of HydroOptix dive masks are made from the same super-tough material used for bulletproof shields: Lexan® polycarbonate. Besides impact protection, our lenses resist scratches with the toughest hard coating available... the same coating that protects automotive headlamps.

•True distance
•True size
•True shape

Flat diving masks, once submerged, make objects appear closer and bigger than reality -- and cause off-axis blurring and shape distortion that's ten times worse than the MilSpec requirements for in-air vision systems. All Double-Dome dive masks surpass MilSpecs -- having edge resolution that is over 100 times sharper than flat diving masks.

The World's Best FLAT Prescription (Rx) Mask

What if you are not a naked-eye match for a Double-Dome mask, and you cannot wear contact lenses for medical reasons? But you still want the very best in underwater vision.

HydroOptix offers proprietary technology, so you can enjoy the best possible vision through a flat lens mask.

Twin-Turbo Purge Valves are patented and found exclusively on HydroOptix Double-Dome diving masks. They exhaust bubbles to the rear, using large-diameter flapper valves (snorkel sized) to ensure rapid clearing of water. You've never cleared water from a dive mask faster and more completely. Play Video.

Easy to maintain:

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