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Dive Safer
5x greater situational awareness   
Image used with permission. Copyright by National Geographic photographer David Doubilet
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Flat dive masks underwater
      MEGATM Double-Dome Masks
Dangerously narrow 71oH x 58oV field-of-view
Panoramic 170oH x 90oV field-of-view
Appears 34.1% larger
True size
Appears 25% closer
True distance
 Off-axis blurring
Zero distortion 
Over 10X worse than Mil Spec
Razor sharp, 10X better than Mil Spec

Only a Double-Dome mask can deliver:

True-Size and True Distance
Zero Distortion
Razor Sharp Panoramic View ( See how fuzzy flat dive masks are.)
Optics Perfected by the same engineers NASA hired to fix the once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope

Scuba diving and snorkeling can be very safe activities; the few accidents that do happen could usually be prevented with better situational awareness (i.e. buddy location). But that awareness is difficult to maintain when so-called panoramic flat diving masks dangerously narrow your field-of-view, submerged, to 71-degrees.

HydroOptix scuba masks give divers superior situational awareness and eye-hand coordination — your time underwater becomes safer, more productive and enjoyable.
Flat Dive Masks Refract Light
The water-to-air interface of a flat mask causes refraction distortions.
The laws of physics limit your underwater field-of-view through any flat window to less than 96°. No flat dive mask can deliver better than 71° and most are limited to 64°.
underwater distortion grid
Double Dome vs. Flat Masks
Expand your total field-of-view almost 5x with a Double-Dome mask
Flat Side-Windows will fragment your view. Instead of seeing your buddy next to you, you are distracted by the view from behind. Now you can see a true-sized panoramic view.

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