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Swimming Pool
A-to-B Demo

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Flat Mask vs. HydroOptix Double-Dome™ Masks
Even divers with decades of experience do not realize how much refraction magnification distorts their diving experience. For the first time in history, HydroOptix masks let divers experience 100% natural above-water vision while underwater. When you complete the following A-to-B comparisons, you will be amazed by how much you have been missing. If you have 20/20 vision, be aware that your vision will out of focus when submerged, unless you wear contact lenses, though you will still see the dramatic difference in image distance and size.
Always start each test with the flat mask, and use a snorkel.

1. Fixed Reference Points -- Shallow End -- *Underwater*
A) FLAT mask:
Back into a corner at the shallow-end. Without turning your head, select some fixed reference points at the edges of your field-of-view. NOTE where your nose points, so you can recreate this same head position.

B) Switch to Double-Dome
Reposition your head, and point your nose in the exact same direction.

C) Advantage
WOW! – much greater field-of-view. And the pool looks bigger – TRUE Distance and Size.

2. Extended Arms -- Shallow End -- *Above Water*
A) FLAT mask
Stand with your head above water.
Extend your arms with thumbs up to the left and right extremes of your field-of-view (what you see through the glass, not through the clear silicone skirt). Without rotating your head, drop underwater – your hands disappear. Note how far you have to swing your arms inward to see your thumbs again – look at the size of your hands.

B) FLAT mask
While underwater, position your arms at the extremes of your left and right view.
Note your new hand / arm position and size of your hands. Surface to see how much wider your field-of-view is.

C) Switch to Double-Dome Mask and Repeat
No difference between above and below.

D) Advantage
Improved Situational Awareness.  
Objects appear at their TRUE Distance / Size with no magnification.

3a. Split-Vision -- Shallow End -- Above / Below with distant object
A) FLAT mask
Partially submerge your head so you can see 1/2 above water and 1/2 below water. Note the size and distance difference of objects that extend above / below (e.g. pool ladder, steps).

B) Switch to the Double-Dome Mask and repeat.

3b. Split-Vision -- Shallow End -- Above / Below with off-axis image-shift
A) FLAT mask
Hold an object with graphic detail (e.g. pool thermometer) 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the water. Keep your eyes locked on target, but slowly point your nose away. The underwater object shifts position and becomes fuzzy.

B) Switch to the Double-Dome Mask and repeat.

C) Advantage
Off-axis views are razor-sharp, with True Orientation, no Pin-Cushion Distortion, no Lateral Chromatic Aberration. For spearfishing, your shots will be more accurate because the fish are truly where you are pointing. And you see more fish, and stop shooting baby fish (true-size).

4. Reposition to See Same View -- Shallow End -- Above / Below
A) Starting with a FLAT mask, in the middle of the shallow area of the pool
Face the wall at the shallow end.  Back up until both corners of the pool become visible. Estimate the distance from the wall to where you stand.

B) Switch to the Double-Dome Mask
Move toward the wall at the shallow end, so that you are able to see only to the corners. You will be much closer to the wall, but still able to see the corners

C) Advantage
Vastly improved Situational Awareness, as well as True Size / True Distance.

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