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Ray Tracings

Using Code-V, the world's most powerful optical design software, our internationally renowned engineers used Ray Tracing to depict the extreme 170º underwater field-of-view you'll get with Double-Dome dive masks.

Not just 350% wider than any flat mask, HydroOptix Double-Dome dive masks deliver stunning clarity, virtually free all distortions (10 times better than MilSpec). By comparison, flat dive masks distort shapes and are blurry when not looking straight ahead (10 times worse than MilSpec when viewing 30º off-axis).

Eye-hand coordination and situational awareness are greatly improved; driving a car would be illegal with the narrowed vision you get wearing a flat mask!

The Double-Dome dive masks require closer-than-normal focusing ability; our DEC-Pro network makes this possible for practically everybody, regardless of their vision to use our masks.

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