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Why bother with contacts?
Yes, it sounds weird to wear disposable contact lenses to make yourself temporarily nearsighted if you have perfect 20/20 vision (in Japan, called 1.0). But don't knock it 'till you try it. Once you look... you'll be hooked. Click here to find your closest scuba retailer, and make your own A-to-B comparison.

Maximize your precious time underwater
You spend money to travel half-way around the world, then spend hours prepping your dive gear... more hours traveling to the dive site by car or boat... kick down the anchor-line... and finally you see the reef... for only a few precious minutes! With a flat mask, that is like sightseeing the Grand Canyon while wearing horse blinders.

Flat masks are worse than you think
When underwater, drifting around with no fixed reference points, a physiological trick is played on your brain -- you think that your field-of-view is much greater than it really is. A flat mask blocks over 75% of your natural field-of-view, because refraction makes things look bigger and closer than they really are, your viewing angle is greatly reduced. Sure, you can pivot your head constantly... but if your normal above-water vision were this narrow, you would be a patient with an incurable eye disease. When your situational awareness is so poor, you are not allowed to drive a car, and would be entitled to disability benefits.

The Double-Domeā„¢ Benefit
Our claim of expanding your field-of-view by almost 5X sounds too good to be true. But once you personally experience an A-to-B comparison (Flat vs. Double-Dome), wearing contacts stops sounding crazy. In less than three years, over 700 20/20 divers on 6 continents have learned to wear disposable contacts and now include them as part of their standard dive gear. Even dive shop owners who've "Seen it all" and have never before worn contacts have become true believers. As have thousands of naturally nearsighted divers and those who already know how to wear contact lenses above water. Using contacts is a skill easily learned.

When you cannot see in,
the diver cannot see out

Amazing Buzz
Both scuba VIP's and new divers swear by our breakthrough Technology. Superior situational awareness and eye-hand coordination makes your dives safer, more productive and enjoyable.

What is the global DEC-Pro Network?
HydroOptix built the Diving Eye Care Pro Network to ensure a great user-experience for those who need contact lenses. Over 1,000 Eye Doctors around the world have become DEC-Pros so far. Most DEC-Pros are peer-reviewed contact lens experts who keep up with the latest in contact lenses (over 2,000 types), and many are divers themselves. More about DEC-Pros.

HydroOptix matches up DEC-Pros with nearby scuba shops where the staff has completed our Internet VisTA training (Vision Trained & Authorized). Working together, DEC-Pros and VisTAs share our passion to cure underwater tunnel-vision. Click here to find a DEC-Pro or VisTA certified scuba professional near you. More info about VisTA.

Safe, Comfortable and Popular
The new generation of disposable contact lenses are so comfortable that most people cannot feel when their lenses are in. Soft contact lenses have a great safety record, established during millions of successful dives all over the world. More than 75 million people around the world wear contact lenses. More about contact lens safety.

A pair of disposable standard contact lenses costs less than an air fill. Even bifocal or toric (for strong astigmatism) contacts come as disposables now. Everybody with 20/20 vision should have a regular eye exam at least every 2 years to ensure healthy vision for many years. Getting fitted for contact lenses is a small additional expense on top of your regular eye exam.

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