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How safe are contact lenses?

  • 75 million people worldwide wear contact lenses... for many good reasons. But none so dramatic as the improved safety that results from curing underwater tunnel-vision.

  • Comfort: The newest disposable soft contacts are more than 50% water; many divers don't feel anything on their eye. Disposable contacts are incredibly comfortable because they are so thin and pliable.

  • New bifocal and toric (for astigmatism) disposable soft lenses give almost anyone sharp vision with zero maintenance.

  • The US Navy, DAN (Divers Alert Network), PADI and NAUI all certify soft disposable contact lenses as safe for diving if used appropriately. Remove contacts after diving and discard or heat-disinfect; NEVER sleep with contact lenses after diving. Unlike older hard lenses, soft lenses have a great track record for not falling out during millions of dives. Disposable soft lenses = zero maintenance.

  • Swimming with contact lenses does not raise the risk of eye infections. But keeping contacts in for many hours or days after swimming IS VERY RISKY.  Double-Dome divers who wear "Diving Rx" contacts are highly motivated to remove their contacts after their last dive, to return to their normal
    vision.  Timely removal of contacts virtually eliminates the risks of infection because your eyes' natural tears flush away bacteria commonly found in water. (e.g. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa or Acanthamoeba).

  • DEC-Pros (Diving Eye Care) aren't your average Eye Doctor! Over 1,000 underwater vision experts -- many are divers, even some instructors -- use the latest disposable contact lenses to ensure your comfort and good eye health. These eye care professionals are recognized by their peers for outstanding expertise with fitting contact lenses. More about DEC-Pros.

  • Fit to dive = fit to use contacts; don't wear contacts if:
    1, You have an impaired immune system (e.g. fever).
    2. You have an existing eye infection or corneal damage.

  • Maximum resolution: Most people needing vision correction achieve higher acuity through contact lenses than through eyeglasses.

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