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Double-Dome "Magic" Delivers Superior Vision
  • A view almost 5X greater than any conventional flat mask
  • TRUE size, distance and shape
  • Razor sharp view everywhere you look

Magic Bifocals
Your eyes will focus close, like they did when you were in your 20's! You will not need bifocals underwater if the Rx strength of your bifocals or reading glasses is +2.0 or less. If +2.25 or stronger, then the latest bifocal contacts or monovision will give you great close-focus ability.

Broad Rx Correction
A wide range of nearsighted divers can use the mask with their naked eyes. They see almost 5X more, and more clearly, than with either a flat Rx mask or with contacts and a flat mask.

How is variable Rx possible?
The HydroOptix Double-Domes have no optical power in air. The domes shape the water into the Rx lens. Unlike lenses used in air, which have a fixed optical power, the patented "water lens" Rx automatically gets weaker when objects get closer.


The simple answer:
Thick lenses are optically stronger than thin lenses.

The tech answer:
Snell's Law of Refraction teaches that four things control the optical power of a lens:

  1. Curve of the front surface (R1)
  2. Curve of the back surface (R2)
  3. Thickness of the lens
  4. Type of lens material

The concave shape of water formed against the air inside the mask equals the back curve of an eyeglass lens (R2 in diagram). If you look at fish far away, you look through a thick lens made of water, and this thick “water lens” has a strong Rx. If you look at fish close to you, the "water lens" is thin, and has a weak Rx.

Nearsighted Farsighted Presbyopia Astigmatism Emmetropia

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