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Introducing the DEC-Pro Network.

DEC-Pros (Diving Eye Care) are a remarkable group of eye doctors. More than 1,000 underwater vision experts (450+ locations) who dispense the latest easy-to-wear disposable soft contact lenses to match practically anyone's vision to our breakthrough Double-Dome diving masks. Yes, divers with 20/20 vision must wear contacts to become temporarily nearsighted to use MEGA-series diving masks. Many nearsighted divers can use MEGA-series diving masks with their naked eyes. This chart will help you determine if you are a Naked Eye Match , and if not, what contact lens power you will need.

Got 20/20 vision and think becoming "temporarily nearsighted" with contact lenses is crazy?

DEC-Pros aren't your average Eye Doctor!
HydroOptix has partnered with eye doctors already recognized by their peers for outstanding expertise with fitting contact lenses. Most DEC-Pros are also divers -- some are even instructors -- so they know your unique needs as a Scuba diver. Here's what a few DEC-Pros have to say about the MEGA Double-Dome mask.

Many DEC-Pros wear contact lenses while diving themselves. DEC-Pros keep current with the very latest in contact lens technology; they are either Ophthalmologists (M.D.), Optometrists (O.D.) or Opticians, licensed to dispense contact lenses.
To your health...
Even those with perfect vision should have an eye health exam at least every two years to ensure ongoing good vision. If you regularly wear contact lenses day-to-day, you should have a check-up once a year. A DEC-Pro is the natural choice if diving is your passion.

Not like the old days...
In just the last 2 years, terrific new soft disposable bifocal and toric (for astigmatism) contact lenses have been developed. New materials make soft disposables incredibly comfortable, and there's zero maintenance. It's safe to mix contacts and diving, and learning to wear contacts is easy. A pair of disposables cost less than the typical air fill (bifocal and toric contacts cost slightly more)... a small cost for a view that's priceless.
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