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This course IS NOT required to use our mask!
Thousands of divers safely use our Double-Dome masks without this course. Most people do not know how an internal combustion engine works, but they know how to drive a car.  This course is for those who want to learn more about human vision — knowledge is power, and it can make you a safer diver!  

You will experience:
  • Superior situational awareness vs. "panoramic" flat masks (A-to-B comparisons)
  • Snell's Law (basic optics)
  • Preventing eye infection
  • Why regular eye exams are important
  • That a diopter is a metric measurement
  • What causes astigmatism
  • How Presbyopia creates more challenges for divers
  • One confined water session
  • Two open water dives
Among the first group of 20/20 divers to use our mask were several PADI instructors who happen to work
* And yes, they learned to wear contact lenses just to use our mask because they were not naturally nearsighted. Because the view they saw through our Double-Domes scuba masks was so tremendous, they thought our revolutionary paradigm was worth a Distinctive Specialty Course (DSC). This course counts toward a Master Scuba Diver rating. These instructors wrote the first draft of the outline for themselves, using material from our online VisTA Training. Then we added a few activities to be performed during the confined and open water dives. During these dives you see for yourself the dramatic advantages of natural panoramic vision vs. diving with a flat mask.

As of May, 2006, more than 700 divers around the world with 20/20 vision have learned to wear disposable contact lenses -- just so they can dive with our Double-Dome mask. Sure this sounds crazy, but once you do your own A-to-B comparison, you'll probably agree that Seeing really is believing!

A few minutes during the ocean dives are devoted to flat-mask vs. Double-Dome mask comparisons of situational awareness, size and distance estimations and eye-hand coordination tasks.  Our Double-Dome mask merely restores your natural vision — what you have enjoyed your entire life above water.  But you will discover how flat masks make underwater navigation and keeping track of your buddy more challenging.  Flat masks honestly do block over 75% of your normal field-of-view.

*PADI does not endorse any particular brand of scuba equipment. The genesis of this Distinctive Specialty Course (DSC) started with these PADI instructors, acting independent of PADI management, on their own time.

Student Support Materials (544 Kb PDF)

Contact your local PADI dive shop about taking
your Double-Dome Distinctive Specialty Course.

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