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"I love the mask. It works great. I've compared it to my flat mask with corrective lenses and it helps me see just as well. I cannot believe the field-of-view. That's the thing I am nuts over -- is how much more you see in the water."

John Lasseter, Creative Guru and co-Founder of Pixar Animation Studios
Producer: Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc.; Director / Producer: Cars, Toy Story 1 & 2, A Bug's Life
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Animation Studios.
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From the Inventor of the very first electronic dive computer:

"The HydroOptix mask gives natural, distortion-free viewing of the underwater world. I can hardly believe I lived without it. My prescription masks are going on the shelf for an early retirement! I love the sense of expansiveness my HydroOptix mask creates. This is a major innovation, so simple in concept, yet so refined in the actual implementation. And the safety benefits are obvious: With conventional masks a diver cannot even see his/her own equipment, whereas with HydroOptix he/she can. I am sure, Jon, that your invention has and will save lives by the mere fact of allowing a diver to solve gear problems and entanglements through greater vision."

Craig W. Barshinger,
Senator At Large, 26th Legislature of the Virgin Islands
serving St. Croix • St. Thomas • Water Island • St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Ed Betts sustained an enormous effort to make diving safer for everyone. Without Ed, today's recreational divers would probably still not have access to Nitrox! "Enriched air" had completely and dramatically proven itself to reduce the risk of the bends to scientific divers worldwide, for dives shallower than 100-feet. NOAA mandated "only Nitrox for less-than-100-foot dives," yet PADI feared and fought this improvement in diver safety, enlisting partners to collectively preach against "deadly Voodoo gas" for almost ten-years. As a result, many recreational divers drank this PADI Kool-Aid, believing the PADI claim that no recompression tables existed for Nitrox, and then wrongly concluding that any diver who experienced a DCI "hit" would be crippled for life, and possibly die. We all know better now. Thank you, Ed. Anti-Nitrox propaganda, as reported by Undercurrent, the Consumer Reports of diving.

"The HydroOptix mask gives me tremendous increase in visibility.  Their advertising claims are not hype, but fact. The results are well worth the effort. I used this mask at 448 ft / 135 meters... it was great!"

Ed Betts, founder of ANDI International (American Nitrox Divers International) 20 / 20 presbyopic contact lens diver
(Contact Lens Diver)

14 dives to 100-150 meters, searching
for a fish thought to be extinct.
Ed Betts,
with his trusty MEGA 4.5 on his knee.

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"Since this expedition, I've worn this mask to 550 feet (168 meters)."

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Conducting training in Israel, January 2007

John Chatterton, John Mattera and Wreck Diving magazine held the "first of its kind" Wreck-Tek expo in the Dominican Republic in 2007. That's Chatterton (L) and WDM's Joe Porter (R). See attached PDF.

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"All told, I have put about 150-200 dive/snorkeling trips with the mask and I really love it compared to flat masks! Working in the Philippine Islands was great; both of the clownfish and sea cucumbers projects went well. I used the mask for both recreational and data collection diving. The panoramic view is phenomenal, especially if I am looking for tagged sea cucumbers in a certain area. The people I was working with in the PI had flat masks and they were constantly hearing 'I love my mask' whenever I finished a dive. Luckily, I don’t have to wear contacts when using the -4.5 mask. I just put on my glasses when I get out of the water."

Alan Verde, PhD, Assistant Professor at Corning School of Ocean Studies,
Maine Maritime Academy

"The feeling of true panoramic vision underwater elevates the pleasure and excitement of diving to new heights. True unmagnified size and an uninterrupted expanded view adds freedom, enjoyment and peace of mind that must be experienced to be believed. This mask has further opened my eyes to how amazing the sport of diving can be."

Pete McCarthy, Inventor of the Nature's Wing Split-Fin

"I'll never forget a night dive I had with an early MEGA prototype... the bioluminescence was at a peak and I was swimming with my light off. My peripheral view was unobstructed... streams of blue light and clouds of dynoflagellates filled my vision. It was like the Fourth of July and Star Wars wrapped into one. The experience was unbelievable."

Fred Fischer, Director of R & D, Underwater Kinetics

"The field -of-view is truly amazing! I could block someone coming up beside me to steal the puck... that's half the game. Hand-eye coordination is much better when you see true size."

Kendall Banks, Underwater Hockey National Director

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