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"This mask is truly an extraordinary thing; peripheral vision in the sea becomes reality. Humans have always looked at the sea through a flat window. Using the HydroOptix mask provides you with the real vision of how things truly are. Not just a new vision, but a true vision."

David Doubilet, National Geographic Underwater Photographer since 1976

"The bottom line is: we're NUTS about our new masks! I think everyone who dives primarily for the fun of seeing the underwater world around them will love it. For nearsighted folks, I think it's a total no-brainer. Those of you with 20/20 vision have some tough choices to make!"

Anastasia Laity, Recreational Diver, Los Angeles, CA

Read Anastasia’s full review (Acrobat PDF), written for her dive club.

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15 miles off the southern California coast, at the
Eureka oil rig, is a VERY friendly Cabezon fish!

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"Doing a side-by-side comparison between HydroOptix True-Size prototypes (wearing disposable contact lenses) and flat masks, I found that there was no comparison. I simply don't want to go back to flat masks."

Pete Romano, Underwater Cinematographer,
The Abyss, Titanic, Waterworld, two 007 movies and Men of Honor

"Well I tried the mask out yesterday and again today. I was somewhat skeptical of using it without my contacts. I can't see very well without them you know. But I gave it a shot -- WOW, very nice -- better than I imagined. The view the mask provides is hard to describe -- It's like looking into an aquarium... no distortions, large field of view, and very comfortable to wear. One of the dive shop managers here in Honolulu is awaiting my report -- two thumbs up and better.
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Here is another report for you regarding the Hydro Optix mask. I have been wearing it on a regular basis now.  Unbelievable!  I knew it was good, but had to make a comparison to my old mask. My dive group went on a boat excursion (of course they wanted to know what kind of mask I had). I wore my regular mask on the first dive, and changed out to the Hydro Optix on the second dive. Needless to say, my old mask is now my spare. Unreal!!! I can say with confidence that this is by far the best mask on the market today. I'll never go back, and am thinking of buying a second mask as a back-up.

Here is a photo (below, left) I thought you may enjoy. Once again thanks for all your help. Aloha!"
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After 100+ HydroOptix dives, Dr. Poulain’s latest from the Similan Islands, Thailand:

Diving in Thailand... Fantastic! Having the right dive mask... Priceless! This is no Hollywood Magic... this guy was huge!! (below, right) They call him Ed. He is known throughout Thailand to all the divers."

Dr. Glenn T. Poulain, Chiropractor, Divemaster and Professional
Underwater Photographer,
Honolulu, Hawaii --
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Ocean Arts Hawaii
All Rights Reserved
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"Without any Rx lenses I simply placed the MEGA -4.5d on my face and ducked my head underwater. It was like looking down into an aquarium! The diopter correction provided sharp underwater viewing and an astounding field of view. I was able to see my camera viewfinder LEDs and make photographs. Plus I was much more aware of fin placement and critters moving into view which I would've missed with the vignetting of "normal" flat masks.  I'm looking
forward to using the mask for an extended week of diving in Cayman Brac and showing my dive buddies what they're missing with flat masks! The MEGA -4.5d mask is an astounding advancement that will enhance any diver's enjoyment of the underwater world."

David Haas, HydroOptix VisTA, Haas Photography, Inc.

Read David's full review.

Photos by:
© David Haas Photography
Stow, Ohio

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"Previously I dove with a prescription flat mask. With the MEGA mask it is much easier to look at the LCD display, looking close to far. The [Magic Bifocal] effect is a big advantage. Underwater, my vision is like when I was much younger. I am very much sold on the HydroOptix MEGA Double-Dome mask. I'll see things like a shark passing by the side that others never notice. I'll check on my buddy, even if behind me, just by turning my head slightly, versus my whole body. Or just looking below me -- the wide angle being up and down as well as sideways allows me to see my buddy." Read Harold's full review.

Harold V. Jesse, Photographer, Southern California Diver

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"I just wanted to respond to recent phone call. I had notified you guys that my mask was leaking tremendously and you offered to replace my mask with the new skirt you have developed. You guys did this at a price that was VERY reasonable. I must say I was very hesitant after replacing my original lens with the Nanofog lens and now a new skirt... the mask was starting to seem like a money pit. I was completely mistaken...both modifications make the mask a pleasure to dive with now!  I just wanted to thank you for your great level of service. Both times, a responding phone call instead of an email reply was a great surprise and I considered it over and above standard service levels.  Only problem now is between your mask and my Force Fins, I'm assured to take serious ribbing from boat mates :)

Thanx once again for your kind service"

John Paul Abramo, photographer, Indian Harbour Beach, FL

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"I had a fabulous time snorkeling in Honduras! Using the Mask was a great experience... I had totally sharp vision and tons of peripheral as well... I was shooting with a digital camera and I could easily see the screen. I also could see close up and far away. The contrast and the sharpness was excellent. The +1.0 contacts were the right call for my -2.75 correction; with +1.0 contacts I had no problems above water. I could even use my own eyeglasses for correction. I can't wait to go again!"

Keith Sherins, videographer / photographer
Contact Lens Snorkeler, Santa Monica, CA
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"I love this mask. It has proven itself. I was a bit skeptical at first but no longer. Everyone should experience the view through this mask. It's incredible and breath-taking. Diving will no longer be the same. I AM STILL HOOKED AFTER MORE THAN 300 DIVES!!!"

Solomon Baksh, PADI Instructor/Author, Delfin Dive Center, Tobago, West Indies

"Let me express my thanks to you for providing this outstanding goggle. They are unbelievably helpful to anyone who wants to take pictures under water. For those of us who have struggled all our lives with extreme near sightedness and now deal with bifocals or trifocals on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis -- these goggles allow us an underwater view that I haven't had for 50 years. The view screen of my underwater camera is not only easily visible, but settings and icons on the screen are readable -- at any angle, not just at the neck breaking bifocal position of my other prescription dive goggle. Dive gauges and computer displays are easy to read with the HydroOptix goggle.

I will follow development of this goggle with great interest. It provides vision underwater that makes photography fun rather than work."

Ron Rickman, Pendelton, OR
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