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Harold V. Jesse, Photographer, Southern California Diver
Dear Terri,

First, one cannot miss commenting that the wide view is definitely a big benefit. One sees a much larger panorama of the underwater scene. This is especially awesome when there is a lot of topographic relief, with valleys, pinnacles, underwater mounds and coral heads, be it Cozumel in the Caribbean, Stetson Bank in the Gulf, or walls and pinnacles in the California Channel Islands.

Second, the progressive close-up lens feature, mentioned on your web-site, makes a big difference. I can glance from distance to my close-up gauges and see everything clearly, instantly. Aiming a strobe can be quickly done by angles as one would do in air without relying on spotting lights because there is no distortion.

Finally, the mask is packaged with corrective lenses for above water, both a retractable binocular clip-on and a monocular, but more compact lens. This was a positive thing for HydroOptix to do. I have used both, the latter when I want to dive with the minimum additional equipment. At first glance, providing air corrective lenses might have appeared an unnecessary fine touch, but overkill. Being nearsighted I am quite used to having blurry vision when I took off my flat prescription mask. So in the day I usually did not bother with taking the auxiliary lenses. But when shore diving at night with reduced visibility, just shore lights, and building outlines, as in Cozumel with a its current drift or in Southern California, it becomes important to pick out small features on land to return to the right place. Good air vision then becomes important! The inclusion of lenses for clear air vision in the HydroOptix MEGA Double-Dome mask kit is important, and I use them at night. Congratulations on the thoughtfulness to include this as
part of the overall mask kit.

Harold V. Jesse, Photographer, Southern California Diver

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