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Scuba Instructors

"I picked up the mask yesterday and tested it in the pool last night. I'd expected a revelation and it wasn't. I guess we're seeing underwater as we see above and that seems - well NORMAL. I did notice that the pool seemed a lot bigger. After a few minutes I switched back to my flat mask for comparison. That was the revelation, it was like looking down a length of drainage pipe… Bottom line the mask does everything you said it would and was worth the wait."

Keith Gill, Scuba Instructor, Humble, TX (Contact Lens Diver)

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...the comment above were from a year ago... now the whole family are MEGA converts... Keith's son David, pictured at age 11 years, passed 100 post-cert dives last August (2003). David's mom, Haewon, is also a MEGA diver. David hopes to exceed 500 (dives) by the time he turns 15.

This shot was taken of David in July, 2004, in Roatan, swimming, "with a few streamlined grey buddies..." ---->

Here is SeaRiver's Safety Poster --->
SeaRiver is Exon Mobil's US Marine Affiliate.

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"I have been diving with The Mask for more than 3 years and wouldn't give it up for anything... except another colour... I've got 20.20 vision and can see perfectly with it... it’s great!. Here I am surfacing from a dive on the Thistlegorm in the Red Sea."

Kert Meidra, PADI Instructor, Estonian Divers

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"When you go down for the first, the view is UNREAL! And now other masks just aren't the same."

Ricardo Perello, Scuba Instructor, Freeport, TX (Contact Lens Diver)

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"I purchased my mask back in May and have used it quite a bit. It is particularly useful in low light conditions when I need to read my slates during instruction periods. At least 2 of my instructor buddies (Total Diving) have purchased the mask for the same reason. It is quite important here due to low viz conditions (Canada, cold water diving). By the way, I am your perfect user... I take off my contact lenses when I use the Mask."

Denis Drolet
Quebec, Canada
(Written after using mask May to October 2006)

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"As a retailer I know that all divers can truly benefit from this amazing mask. For me the whole point of diving is to see... I'm not quite sure how I'm going to make up for the last 44 years. I've only been excited about two products -- in 1983, the dive computer, and now, HydroOptix Double-Dome masks. Just spend 6 seconds with this face mask in the shallow end of a pool, compare the view to a flat mask, and you will be motivated to do whatever it takes to have this vision for all of your dives. Eventually most divers will be using a Double-Dome mask."

Don Dibble, NAUI Course Director/HydroOptix VisTA Retailer, The Dive Shop, San Marcos, TX
(Contact Lens Diver)

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I have over 13,000 dives and I've been diving since 1967. This is no gimmick -- there is an incredible amount of research behind this mask. Videographers love it because they can spot more subjects in their peripheral view.

SAFETY: From an instructor's point of view, the Double-Dome mask actually increases safety tremendously. When I'm doing open water check-out dives I can see individuals do their skills and keep track of everyone else at the same time. If someone has a problem, I see it. I've even saved a snorkeler, who was not part of our dive group, who was in distress on the surface. Without the HydroOptix mask, I doubt I would have noticed him in my peripheral vision, and things would have ended tragically.

See the QuickTime or Flash video.

Frank Campbell, SSI Instructor Trainer, YMCA Course Director / HydroOptix VisTA Retailer,
Frank's Underwater Sports,
Edmond, OK
(Contact Lens Diver)

"I am happy to report that the test exceeded my wildest expectations. It was as if I was a teen again and didn't need glasses or contacts to see. My field of vision was fantastic, I can only imagine how this will help me when I go halibut hunting or when I teach my next class. I not only could read my gauges, but my peripheral vision was outstanding. This means I'll see all my students and everything that is going on around me."

Donald Hansen, Scuba Instructor, Woodland, CA

"I took some of the best pictures I have ever taken and I am attributing it to this mask. I could just see everything clearer which helped me to be sure that my subjects were in focus on my digital camera's LCD screen."

Wanda Rodriguez, Scuba Instructor & Photographer, Peachtree City, GA
(Contact Lens Diver)

"First of all, let me say how excited I am to be able to one of the first divers to try out the new Mega Mask! I picked it up on Friday and gave it a test that night at Redondo Beach. It definitely drew some curious looks from the other divers I was with, so I told them a little about it and let them know they'd be able to buy them at the Convention next week. I was really amazed by how much more I could see in every direction, not to mention that everything was quite sharp and in focus. I'm a near-sighted diver, so I didn't require contact lenses to use the mask. All in all, I was quite impressed with it. Definitely an improvement over the conventional masks."

Jason Shoup, Scuba Instructor, Los Angeles, CA

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