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10 June 2001

Dear HydroOptix:

I write to thank you for the opportunity to experience the HydroOptix MEGA during my recent trip to California.

Prior to using the mask, I had certain questions concerning the benefits of the lens design: Would the complex optics provide a clear view in addition to a greater field-of-view? Would the increased size of the mask prove too bulky above or under water? Would the increased size interfere with normal mask functions such as nares occlusion and mask purging? Would the significantly increased field-of-view prove to be of significant benefit (i.e., would this premium mask and the necessary soft contacts and accessories prove worth the expense and effort)?

From the moment I jumped in the water, I knew that the view provided by the MEGA would justify wearing contacts. The added size of the mask gives minimal added bulk during the short transition from the boat deck to the water, and all but vanishes once you start the descent. I found no difficulty with pressure equalization or mask clearing during the dive, for the MEGA behaved as any other mask would; however, this is where the similarities stop.

I noticed tremendous gains in my underwater view. I certainly have never experienced such clarity in my underwater adventures as I did while using the MEGA. The range of vision that the MEGA offers gives the diver a greater degree of confidence than other masks because of the better awareness it provides of the underwater environment. I did not even realize how much comfort this view gave me until I replaced the MEGA with two other mask designs that I currently use. When I changed to a windowed mask, I became acutely aware of the limitations of my view with distorted periphery and fragmented visual fields due to the separate plates. The difference became dramatic when I changed to a single pane mask. I had to resort to frequent radical head turns to maintain mindfulness of my surroundings. Divers have been forced to do this in the past in order to stay aware of a three dimensional environment that fully utilizes the three axes, but with the MEGA, this no longer remains a necessity.

The MEGA offers fantastic gains in lateral view, but perhaps the most notable improvement over current masks is the increase in superior and inferior fields of view. You feel more in touch with your dive buddy and have a much-improved sense of depth on descent and ascent. You can view the boat above and the dive site beneath without ever tilting your head. The range of vision that this technology offers will open new worlds once again to even the experienced diver.

Diving with the MEGA is truly an eye-opening event for any scuba enthusiast. I look forward to my next dive with it and the new aquatic intimacy I have learned.

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