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Leonard S. Silverman, O.D.
Okemos Optometry
Okemos, MI

March 18, 2002


Just returned from a week sailing and diving in the Bahamas and I wish to thank you for allowing me to demo the MEGA mask.

To begin with the prototype looked a little rough and I got some funny looks from my dive buddies, so I was skeptical at first. Now I can't wait for the retail version.

Above water the mask seemed a little bulky (I understand the actual retail version will be slightly smaller) however as soon as you descend the bulk of the mask is no different from my flat mask. Once under water you immediately notice your expanded peripheral vision. I could see the reefs, fish and dive buddies without head movements. This was really noticeable on our shark dive where the action around you is so quick and it was nice to see our eight-foot gray friends coming from the side. Once you experience the expanded periphery of the MEGA you feel like you are missing something when you switch back to a flat mask on your next dive.

The clarity not only central but also to the sides was excellent. Because of true image distance I feel I was able to get closer and take better underwater photos.

I do not usually need any vision correction for distance but wear reading glasses occasionally (I am 44 years old). I wore daily disposable contacts (+3.00D) with the mask with no problems. I even felt reading my computer was no problem. All my dive buddies that tried the MEGA were impressed. Many of them had never worn contacts and easily adapted to the lenses I placed on their eyes.

In summary, the MEGA mask has been one of the more impressive innovations to come along for diving. The main purpose of diving is the view and the MEGA mask provides a wider and clearer view than any mask available. I look forward to getting my own to enjoy on my future dive trips.

Very sincerely,

Lenny Silverman, O.D.

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