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Steve Dingeldeim M.D. (Ophthalmologist)
Burlington, North Carolina

July 26, 2004

Hello HydroOptix,

Unfortunately: ( it has been more than a year since I last got to dive. However I made up for it by spending 10 glorious days in Little Cayman, completing 30 dives. We had wonderful weather and it was a great chance to give the mega mask -4.5 a further workout.

My experience was like a year ago; the view is STILL fantastic. I think it actually adds to safety because I was much better able to navigate dive sites because I could put my head in at the surface, identify all the landmarks (Conch Club Divers gives excellent briefings) and know where I was going from the beginning.

Photography was no problem. I shot both with a digital camera (Olympus 5050 in an Ikelite housing) and a Nikonos V. Seeing the controls on both cameras, including looking into the viewfinder on the Nikonos V were no more problem than they ever have been for me.

I would agree with one of the letters which said being nearsighted topside was no big deal, perhaps, yet again, because I've been nearsighted my whole life.

In addition, my 17-year-old switched to a MEGA 4.5 mask on the second day and never looked back. She was very happy with the expanded view and has joined her dad with the opinion that she would not go back to a flat mask unless she had to do it.


Steve Dingeldein M.D. (Ophthalmologist)
Burlington, North Carolina

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