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Ernest Wilbur, Optometrist and HydroOptix DEC-Pro
New Orleans, LA

Hello HydroOptix,

It was on this second dive with my flat mask, that I discovered how much improvement there was with the HydroOptix mask. I noticed increased head movement in order to achieve the same peripheral vision that the curved mask gives without the head movement. My point being, that I didn't think a lot of the mask until I went back to my old mask after using the HydroOptix mask. That one dive quickly made me aware of how I had become spoiled by the improved side vision of your mask.

(Regarding young and old people:)

I think this would be ideal for the young myopic patient and would probably be embraced readily. Or even any contact wearing individual. Another thing I noticed was that my near vision underwater seemed much improved to my natural vision with the flat mask.

(Regarding diving contacts:)

Being able to see super good up close (10 inches) (top side) was pretty nice too. And I'm not sure why, but the distance vision (top side) did not seem to cause me any distress. I was able to board the boat (small six pack) from a dock designed for some of the larger cattle boats without any trouble.

Ernest Wilbur, Optometrist and HydroOptix DEC-Pro
New Orleans, LA

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