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Testimonials from Diving Eye Doctors and Opticians

Eye care pros don't mince words about bogus vision products, and they don't risk their good reputations by endorsing products they don't believe in.  Once you personally experience our revolution in underwater vision, we think you'll share the enthusiasm of these diving eye doctors. This really is a BIG deal in the evolution of scuba technology.

"I wore the MEGA Mask for the entire 17 dives and would not return to my old mask unless forced to do so. It was one of those rare experience that a product lived up to the advertising claims and exceeded them. Being nearsighted topside was a little bit of a hassle, but having been nearsighted my whole life, it was not a big deal."

Steve Dingeldein, M.D. (Ophthalmologist)
First experience on 17 dives, and loving it.
One year later, 30 more dives, and still loving it.

"Actually, at first I was not impressed. But I also had my flat bifocal mask with a -4.00 correction and a +2.00 add. I exchanged them underwater at about 45 ft. and the difference was obvious. It is the same difference as a camera with a 50 mm and another with a 20 mm lens. It is a "wide angle" mask, and wonderful to see things as they truly are."

Antonio Palumbo, M.D., Pinerolo, Italy
Advising Ophthalmologist for DAN-Europe

Dr. Palumbo has been a scuba diver for more than 20 years with PADI, FIAS and SSI certifications; he is an underwater photographer and staff member at the SSI Diving Center Porto Massimo, La Maddalena -- Italy. His article on underwater vision was published in DAN-Europe's Alert Diver magazine:

Part 1 of article (PDF)

Part 2 of article (PDF)

"The vision with the mask was quite amazing, especially in comparison to a flat mask. I'm approximately a -1.00 diopter myope, so I took several +3.00 daily disposable contacts along to use with the mask.  Near the end of the trip, I ran out of the daily disposable contacts. Even having run out of the contacts, I chose to use the HydroOptix mask, preferring to use it even though I had blurrier vision with it compared to using a flat mask. For me, the larger field-of-view offered by the HydroOptix mask was more important even if things were slightly blurry. I also let some of my myopic in-laws that accompanied me use the HydroOptix mask. All of them were impressed with the vision. Anyhow, just wanted to share with you the positive experience!"

Brian Chou, O.D., F.A.A.O, Contact Lens Snorkeler, Carmel Mountain Vision Care, San Diego, CA
HydroOptix DEC-Pro

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Queen's Bath, Kauai
Improving Underwater Vision,
an article written by Brian Chou, O.D., Jerome A. Legerton, O.D.,
and Jim Schwiegerling, PhD., was published in the peer-reviewed
Contact Lens Spectrum -- the gold-standard of contact lens information.

PDF of article --- Medical Journal's website

"Die-hard 'serious divers' like us are now hooked on the HydroOptix mask... so much so that we don't hesitate a minute to use it all the time. Cold dives, warm dives, rain or shine, shallow or deep dives!! My personal record is 266 feet with the mask on a two hour + wreck dive in Lake Ontario.

This week we dove The River... I can hear you all saying, 'Again'... We're working on finding a more 'exotic' location for your viewing pleasure, but for now, you'll have to put up with more greeeen, dark, cold water. Ok? The larger fish were nowhere to be seen and the water is getting colder. It's down to 47 F. The water level was low, the current quite strong and the visibility wasn't great. All this didn't bother us one bit. Can you guess why???... Becawwwwzz... we were wearing our HydroOptix Masks."

Gabriel Assaf, Optician, Contact Lens Diver, Tech - Wreck Diver,
St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada --

Videographer of "Tuesday's Dive" on YouTube

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"I recently returned from a diving vacation in Grand Cayman. I was uniquely interested in the concept, having worked in ophthalmology for 12 years. My optics training prepared me for the mechanics and theory of using a convex dive mask, but nothing could prepare me for the underwater effect. One of my biggest frustrations diving was the limited field of view - constantly having to turn one's neck and/or entire body to spot your fellow divers and various obstacles. That frustration is a thing of the past. All of the claims and reports about this mask were completely accurate. Not only can one see so much more - but the size disparity and depth perception problems all but disappear. I don't think I could go back to a flat mask. This has been yet another excuse for me to avoid lasik surgery - with my naked eyes (normally quite myopic) I'm perfectly suited for underwater adventure.

I've also always had problems with mask fogging. No degree of scrubbing, scouring, treating, spraying or rinsing has ever given me good results - the HydroOptix anti-fog system is nothing short of miraculous. I didn't find the coverlens/stow-plate to be convenient, but did very well with the monocle, which was very easy to stow in a pocket. For the extended times one needs to see clearly on the surface/dive boat, prescription sunglasses fit the bill.

Here's a photo of me in Sting Ray City:
All of the divers had a wonderful time at Sting Ray City, but I noticed that I could always see the Sting Rays coming before anyone else - quite an advantage - quite a mask!"

Gavin Thorsrud, Ophthalmic Technologist, Anoka, MN

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