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Dr. Greg Kane, Optometrist
HydroOptix DEC-Pro
Palatka, FL

March 23, 2004

Hello HydroOptix,

I tried the mask in my pool at home, and was amazed (but not overwhelmed) at the increased peripheral vision... well, I just returned from a 6 day diving trip to the Cayman Islands... now I am overwhelmed!!!

A pool doesn't do justice to the enhanced visual awareness a diver gets from the -4.5 mask... the first time I wore the mask I jumped into the water at the back of a group of 19 divers and boom... I could see all of them at the same time, including the wreck we were heading toward... and everyone's bubbles... just amazing... I usually get disoriented when diving with a large group... and find it hard to navigate back to the boat or to find specific dive partners but with the MEGA Double-Dome mask, I was always aware of my partners... the boat... other divers above, below and all around me... I actually think I'm a safer diver wearing the new mask... my wife loved hers too!!! I didn't get to use the mask on every dive, however, since several (all) of the divers in my group had to have a turn using the MEGA -4.5 mask... their orders for the HydroOptix MEGA are forthcoming!... thank you HydroOptix, diving just got more pleasurable!

Dr. Greg Kane, Optometrist and HydroOptix DEC-Pro

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