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Tech - Wreck Divers

"Die-hard 'serious divers' like us are now hooked on the HydroOptix mask... so much so that we don't hesitate a minute to use it all the time. Cold dives, warm divers, rain or shine, shallow or deep dives!! My personal record is 266 feet with the mask on a two hour + wreck dive in Lake Ontario."

Gabriel Assaf, Optician, Tech - Wreck Diver -- St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada -- (Contact Lens Diver)

Ice dive video taken
on 13 March 2007 in

37.8 degrees F water --->

"Rebreather diving in the Socorro Islands last year was awesome with the HydroOptix Mask.

Above water I need reading glasses -- with the Double-domes I could see my guages close-up perfectly AND look at the panoramic IMAX-theater-like-in-perspective view of the ocean pelagics.

--lovin'it !"

(click on photo to see larger) --->

Rich Morgan, Morgan Underwater Search & Recovery
(Contact Lens Diver)

"The mask was great! I was able to experience a much wider view when penetrating the wreck. The mask has advantages in both wrecks and caves, especially with small passages and with line & reel usage. All gauges and accessories were clearly readable and the reduced tunnel vision effect no doubt assisted in making the narcosis of the dive, 165ft / 50m, less intrusive. Overall I can see that both student control and overall awareness will benefit from the mask."

Richard Taylor, Director -- TDI/SDI Australia

"Having spent the last 10 months in the Exumas, Bahamas, living, working, and exploring, your product was put to the test. I used it in support of several deep (>150 feet) cave explorations under the program auspices of NOAA's Undersea Research Program, and the American Academy of Underwater Sciences, during which I participated in science that is largely focused on discovery of new marine resources... possible sources for new medicines and cures for disease.

I have nothing but great things to say about your product. Being nearsighted for my entire diving career to-date, and not having dived with a prescription mask, I had anticipated that I was 'missing out' on a lot underwater. HydroOptix solved this problem for me, without a prescription, and not only can I see 300% better than before, but my underwater experiences are renewed with excitement, I've found a renewed appreciation for diving. My best description is that viewing the ocean through your mask is like sitting at an IMAX movie theater, except of course with the benefit of being immersed in it all!"

Michael Lombardi, Explorer --

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Read his independent review here.

•Malta in the late fifties. I'm on the left side and with my brother.

•Cousteau's Mistral regulator

•Gabon in the eighties for COMEX

•Kirby Morgan KMB17 Super Light

•Day before yesterday with HydroOptix and Imersion

•HydroOptix MEGA -4.5/DD

"This message is to inform you that I have tested the Mega -4.5/DD. First dive was a pain because I was not used to wearing contact lenses and it took me quite a while to manage to get nearsighted... Then due to fog in the mask I did not totally enjoy the system but I already had an idea of what was to come. Second go was perfect. I trained for a couple of days to put the contact lenses in my eyes. I even managed to do so on a Zodiac and the result is as described in your web site. It truly is amazing. My true opinion is that the MEGA, despite the problem of the contact lenses, is the major breakthrough since... when? Probably the wet suit or the regulator."

UPDATE -- "I've been using the mask regularly for the last year and still love it."

Michael Gronier, Export Manager, Immersion SA, Peypin, France
(Contact Lens Diver)

"I have done plenty of diving with the mask and love it, especially with the Surface Interval Kit. General comfort is excellent as our average bottom times are in the 2-2.5 hour range with the rebreathers so it is on my face for that time and there is no discomfort... this is good. Even in poor viz the mask is outstanding, as I can make out the other guys at all times with the wide field-of-view, whereas they quite often cannot find me until I am right next to them. I would not trade the view for any other flat mask on the market today... !!!!"

(click on photo to see larger) --->

Kerry McKenzie, Scuba Instructor / Hydrooptix VisTA Retailer, Townsville, Australia
(Contact Lens Diver)

"The truth is I'd rather not dive without my HydroOptix now that I'm used to it. The difference is incredible. As a cavern and cave guide, I get the opportunity to work with small groups (max 4) for extended periods. There are inevitably questions and comments on my mask. I do my best to encourage them to experience the difference for themselves.

As an open water instructor, the extra awareness is a big bonus for large groups of students; also in video and photography applications. With flat masks, framing is much more difficult and deceptive, but with your mask what you see is what you get. Keeping my head in a natural position I get a true view of my viewfinder which is really important. The biggest advantage is by far in Technical Diving applications. In the Yucatan's very beautiful but very fragile limestone caves, judging distance and size is vital. Negotiating tight restrictions decorated with easily breakable, non-replaceable stalactites and stalagmites is trying at the best of times. The true view offered by your mask gives me a huge advantage in passing without endangering these formations. In addition, judgment about which restrictions are passable and which need special configurations to safely penetrate is aided by the larger field-of-view, especially when close up. As a naked eye match I have even put off the idea of corrective laser surgery, as it would complicate the simplicity that your mask offers me. Thanks again and keep up the good work."

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Gabriel Freesman, OWSI Cave / Cavern Guide, Cenote Dive Centre, Tulum, Mexico

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